Agribusiness Companies

Description: Businesses that provide services or supplies to family and commercial farms and that process, manufacture, distribute, or sell agriculture and forest products

Membership period
: Calendar year

Membership approval
: All membership applications must be approved by the Virginia Agribusiness Council Board of Directors

Voting rights
: Elect Board of Directors and recommend policy positions

 Benefits:       Representation of your business interests in the development of legislation and regulations
  Always up to date through weekly electronic newsletters and meeting of Council members
  Exclusive networking opportunities with policy makers and industry leaders

Dues investment: Determined by the company's annual Virginia sales

 Annual Virginia Sales Amount
   Annual Virginia sales <$100K  $210
   Annual Virginia sales $100 - $500K
   Annual Virginia sales $500K - $1 million
   Annual Virginia sales $1 - $10 million
   Annual Virginia sales $10 - $100 million
   Annual Virginia sales >$100 million 

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"The Council is recognized as one of the most trusted and respected voices of agriculture and forestry on both the state and national levels."

Linda Smith
Old Dominion Grain, A Division of The Mennel Milling Co., West Point, VA
Virginia Agribusiness Council
(804) 643-3555;
9323 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite T
 Richmond, Virginia 23235
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